Q: Is it necessary for the contractor to meet the insurance adjuster?

A: It is important to understand that insurance adjusters represent the insurance company and many are inexperienced. Insurance companies send adjusters from locations throughout the country to areas affected by hail storms and wind. Many of these insurance adjusters have little knowledge of local building codes and regulations in the affected area. A knowledgeable claims specialist ensures that you have someone on your side.

Q: Why was my roof replacement denied by my insurance company after the contractor found damage?

A: In some cases, a claim for hail damage is denied because an experienced contractor was not present with the insurance adjuster. Homeowners are entitled to have the roof re-inspected and a contractor is required to complete the re-inspection. When the contractor determines that the roof is damaged, a new insurance adjuster will be assigned. In order to avoid problems, it is important to have a construction claims specialist with knowledge of roof restoration present.

Q: What happens if I keep the money sent by the insurance company sends for repairs to my roof?

A: The money paid to you is based on estimates of repairs. Keeping the money and failing to make repairs is insurance fraud, since it would be considered filing a false claim. In some cases, insurance companies allow homeowners to keep the actual cash value, but the mortgage company may not allow this, if the company is listed on the check. They will require that repairs are completed to protect their interests.

Q: Why is depreciation withheld by insurance companies for roof damage repair?

A: This may be done to ensure that the work is completed or to be sure the deductible is paid. In some cases, contractors agree to perform the work for the amount of money paid by the insurance company and insurance companies want to prevent this.

Q: Do I get the money withheld for depreciation back?

A: Yes, the money withheld is returned by the insurance company after a certification of completion is signed by the contractor.

Q: Can I avoid paying the deductible for my roof repair?

A: According to the law, you cannot avoid paying the deductible. We offer programs for homeowners having difficulty paying the deductible.

Q: Is it necessary to replace the roof immediately?

A: While hail damage may not result in an immediate threat to the integrity of the roof, your insurance company likely has a statute of limitations in place for roof clams. In addition, it is important to complete repairs quickly to avoid other problems associated with the hail damage.

Q: Is my new roof covered under warranty?

A: No, wind and hail damage are generally excluded under warranties. In fact, the vast majority exclude this type pf damage.

Q: How long is the roof replacement process?

A: In more than 90% of cases, replacement roofs can be provided in a single day and within 48 hours for all but 1% of cases the roof is replaced. Factors such as the type of roofing materials and weather conditions affect the timeline for completion.